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Black Box Research & Consultancy

Police Officer, Trident Gang Crime Command

'Dr. Robinson has an expert level of insight into the County Lines drugs supply model and the Child Criminal Exploitation it invariably uses. Drugs markets adapt to consumer demand and enforcement activity at a rapid pace. Dr. Robinson has kept abreast of the ever-changing methodology of the Organised Crime Groups with continued research over several years. From an enforcement perspective, it is common to find that academic findings are conflicting with my own experiences of the drugs markets. However, Dr. Robinson is one of the few academics who appears to accurately document the bleak reality of the drugs markets and exploitative nature of County Lines.'


Paul Walmsley, Director Lewis Dunne Foundation

'During a three-year period, Dr. Robinson helped me to understand the lives of vulnerable and at-risk children and their families. Her research methods and empathetic approach guided my intervention processes. This then impacted on the responses, firstly as an intervention coach and then as a conduit, to inform local authorities of the difficulties these young people face. Working with gang-related issues, drug misuse, violent behaviour, historic family issues, community anti-social behaviour and county lines, Dr. Robinson was a huge component in my processes.'


Ben Lindsay, CEO Power The Fight

'Dr. Grace Robinson delivered County Lines training for Power The Fight and is a frequent contributor to the charity. Her expertise, delivery skills and ability to connect with a variety of people make her a pleasure to work with.'

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