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Black Box Research & Consultancy

Research, Insights, Expertise.

Who are we?

Black Box Research and Consultancy Ltd is a nationwide criminal justice consultancy providing organisations and stakeholders with a range of services tailored to meet their needs and demands. With offices in Merseyside, Cheshire, Staffordshire and London, we produce evidence-based research and provide training which draws upon extensive practitioner experience in conjunction with academic knowledge and theoretical underpinnings.


We offer commissioned research packages and work with experts to deliver memos, notes, and comprehensive presentations.

Expert Witnesses

We have an array of Drugs and Modern Slavery experts who compile comprehensive and specialist reports in legal proceedings.

Practitioner & Educational Training

We offer specialist training for a diverse set of clients ranging from legal practitioners, local authorities and third-sector organisation, to school children and university students.

Research, Insights, Expertise.

Black Box is headed by Dr Grace Robinson,
an expert in labour exploitation, criminal exploitation, and County Lines. She has recently worked as a Rights Lab Research Fellow in Modern Slavery Perpetrators & Organised Crime at the University of Nottingham and has vast experience advising clients on 
issues pertaining to drug supply, gang violence and drug-related exploitation.

Our team consists of academics,
campaigners, and policy experts with
specialised knowledge in areas including street-cultures, online criminal behaviour, substance misuse, rehabilitation, gangs, and sports-related criminality.

We have specialists delivering training to
practitioners, lawyers, non-governmental organisations, and
key stakeholders. We value academic
excellence and regularly produce reports
and memos on key developments in the law and within the criminal justice system.

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